“Shenda is an inspirational personal trainer. From the first moment I worked with her I felt completely confident that she understood my goals and that she would be able to help me achieve them. I find our sessions fun but focussed and what I particularly like is the way she takes the time to explain the why's and how’s of the exercises - so that I know how to make them more effective. In 6 weeks I found I was running quite easily for much further than I ever thought I would. I was also lifting heavier weights and most importantly - enjoying it! Shenda is motivating and encouraging, completely professional in her approach and a pleasure to work with!"
Adela, Blackheath

"After 3 years of not working out and a hefty amount of weight gain, I was worried about my health and limitations.  Shenda has helped assuage any fears and eased me back into a healthy regime while pushing me to my limits.  With a thorough knowledge and nifty little tricks, she makes our work outs smarter and more fruitful.  I look forward to feeling great after each session!" 
Shivangi, Millennium Village, Greenwich

"Shenda is a dedicated, enthusiastic, experienced and client oriented personal trainer. Her programme for me reflects my objectives, delivers what it said it would and is great fun to undertake. She said I'd lose weight, I did, she said I'd change shape, I have, she said I'd enjoy boxing, I do. Without Shenda I'd be two stone heavier, 3 dress sizes bigger and far, far less happy. I really couldn't recommend her more."
Sinead, Westcombe Park

“I have always been a keen runner, rower and weight lifter – in the gym that is…I wasn’t sure about outdoor exercise when I started Shenda’s bootcamps 3 months ago but I haven’t looked back. My cardio vascular capacity has improved by 50% - my timed run is now 59 seconds compared to 91 when I started and as Shenda keeps the pace up you never feel cold – even in December!”  
Matt, Greenwich


“Shenda’s sessions are a great way of exercising without noticing. Her bootcamps are a fun group activity that encourage a sense of team achievement – we’re all in it together! Plus the way she talks to the class to explain each type of movement, has taught me more about how my body works than I knew in 40 years of adult life. Looking forward to her classes makes me get out of bed on a cold and frosty morning!” 
Alison, Charlton

“Men that are sceptical about getting a hard workout at Shenda’s bootcamp need not worry. Shenda makes sure you work to the peak of your ability by adapting each exercise to suit your personal fitness level. She has encouraged me to push up hard during a press up so that I clap before my palms reach the floor again. No mean feat - especially when the person next to you is doing the basic box press up… It’s brilliant how Shenda ensures a diverse group of people all have fun with everyone building up a sweat.” 
Ivor, Blackheath

“Going 3 times a week to Shenda’s bootcamp has been great. I love the fact that she tells you WHY you are doing each exercise or stretch, it gives a purpose to doing it. Also the sessions change day to day so you don't tire of doing the same routine. I highly recommend it, its great fun.”  
Tara, Eltham

“In just 12 weeks of training with Shenda, both one-on-one and bootcamps, I have lost over 1.5 stone and dropped a dress size! Shenda is an excellent motivator and keeps me on track when I have a wobble – without her support I wouldn’t have achieved these results. She has given me some great tips on healthy eating and I am confident that in 2012, I will finally reach my goal of fitting into size 12 Diesel jeans”  
Yvonne, Eltham

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